This Advanced K-Tag K-Gear adapter package comes in its own unique case and opens up all of the abilities of the K-Tag unit and now with the new frame and deck it’s virtually soldering free.

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Advanced K-Tag K-Gear Slave Package

NO. Products
1 K-Tag Slave Tool

Full Protocol Activation

2 K-Gear, Complete set of adapters and case
3 Positioning frame with upper illumination deck
4 Includes BMW & Merc cables
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  • This kit does not include the Volvo/Renault TRW – Truck ECU adapters.
  • Note -The 1st year’s K-Tag tool subscription of £400 is included in the price above.

K-TAG Slave – OBD Tuning Tools

  • The new K-TAG is 100% J-Tag compatible, but in a completely different way. Usually J-Tag programmers are available only for big productions, never present in chiptuning devices. Using only the essential components, Alientech have merged J-Tag, Motorola BDM/Nexus and Bootloader Mitsubishi/Infineon Tricore/ST communication lines into a single product.
  • K-TAG is the powerful tool that allows READING and WRITING of the ECU that is found in Automobile, Motorcycle, Trucks, Agricultural Vehicles as well as Marine applications
  • The Slave version of the tool allows you to be linked to a MASTER tool sharing the information privately while utilizing the encryptions unique to each Master tool.
  • Whether you are looking to create a Tuner network where your Master will manage file supply to any number of Slaves; or if you want to be a Slave that is connected to an existing Master network of available tuners; either way, Alientech tools allow for flexibility and growth of your business.
  • All this using our intuitive interface, so that you can write the supplied files with a great ease of use.
  • In addition of new protocols, all Slave devices have all the improvements as the Master.