Kess V2 Slave – Car Van Tractor Protocols

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1 Kess V2 Slave Tool
2 Kess v2 Slave Car Van Tractor OBD Protocols
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Note :- The 1st year’s Kess V2 tool subscription of £866 is included in the price above.

Kess V2 Slave – OBD Tuning Tools

KESSv2 allows you to read and write the ECUs of cars, bikes, trucks, tractors and boats simply connecting the tool to the diagnostic port.

The Slave version of the tool will allow you to start choosing who will supply you new equipment and tuned files among our wide network of Tuners all around the world, letting you make the first steps into the chiptuning world. With a Slave equipment, you can:

  • Read and write tuned files from the most experience tuner network in the world
  • Reading and writing is made easy with our step by step walk-through software; all software updates online automatically every time you open your tools
  • Achieve significant results in your work, while saving time and avoiding errors