Land Rover 3.0 SDV6 and 4.4 SDV8 equipped with Bosch EDC17CP55 ECU and Land Rover 2.0 D4 and 2.0 TD4 Euro 6 with Bosch MEDC17.9. New and surely interesting vehicles! Now you can work on them easily: from this K-Suite update, reading and writing via OBDII with KESSv2 are available. But “that’s NOT all, folks”. We have some further important news for you that will change your concept of working.

The update 2.24 of the K-Suite software brings new interesting solutions to work on new OBDII protocols – with KESSv2. From now you can read and write directly through the diagnostic port the newest Land Rover equipped with Bosch EDC17CP55 and MEDC17.9 ECUs. This latter one has been a tough test as recently modified by Bosch, but we can already read and write it via OBDII!

New Protocols | KESSv2
Land Rover 3.0 SDV6, 4.4 SDV8 Bosch EDC17CP55
KESSv2 – 541
– Read: YES
– Write: YES
– Checksum Correction: YES
– Cable: 144300K201

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