The most advanced tool to reprogram the ECU found in Automobile, Trucks,
Agricultural Vehicles as well as Marine applications. Reading and Writing are simple and intuitive.


  • If we were to define the new Powergate with just one word, we would say flexible. Easy and intuitive to use, it is a very versatile tool designed to better meet customer’s needs, through the implementation of solutions specially conceived to optimize your work.
  • Powergate 3 is the ideal tool to reprogram ECU of Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks and Tractors. Reading and Writing have never been so fast: you can now upload at any time one of the engine mapping chosen among the multiple saved inside the tool along with the original file.

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alientech powergate, alientech uk, ecu tool, ecu programming tools, ecu diagnostic tool, powergate, tuning tools, powergate3, car tuning tools,alientech-manager

Powergate3 is the perfect tool to eliminate the gap between the Tuner and customers while continuing to optimize your work time. The new Powergate3 will help you to build and increase the market share of your business, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business and increase the value and quality of chip tuners’ work.

Fully customizable to fit your business needs:

  • Create custom “templates” for further private-label branding
  • Multilingual configuration for your specific market
  • Upload protocols specific to your company’s applications
  • Ability to create and upload multiple files to the device
  • Create end-user software applications that reflect your company’s graphics for further brand recognition


3rd Edition Powergate-3 Remapper

The personal OBD programmer that has revolutionized the Chiptuning world has reached its third edition.

Powergate 3 Network

Powergate 3 is the innovative and versatile solution to communicate with all kinds of vehicle, and meet the dealer and its slave network.


  • Fully Customizable
  • Upgradable through databank online
  • Virtual Reading
  • Alientech Manager Software
  • Portable. Flexible. Refined design

Powergate 3 is the ideal tool to get the dealers closer to their customers, optimize the timing of work, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations, and increase the value and quality of the work of the tuner.

Full Customization

  • Powergate 3 has something that sets it apart from any other instrument on the market. We are speaking of Alientech Manager, the software that allows a full customization of the tool. Do you want to change the background by uploading a new image, change the icons of the buttons on the touch screen, or add the company logo? Now you can do it easily. Translate texts, icons, or messages in all languages? Now it does not need great efforts or special skills. This gives tuners the opportunity to create their own “slave” network, reselling the tool with their company logo, or choose the most appropriate pricing policies to their business.

For all the ECU and all vehicals

  • This new version provides many advantages, and we want to point out, in particular, the chance to connect to all types of vehicle: two, four or more wheels. In fact, thanks to the increased number of protocols of communication for cars, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles and new dedicated wiring for trucks and tractors, the user will be able to connect to an ever-increasing number of vehicles, thus expanding the vehicle fleet and the models on which to work.

Virtual Reading

  • Another improvement that greatly simplifies the customer’s business is the new chance to manage ECU that previously could not be read. How? Thanks to the Virtual Reading. This service allows you you to massively speed up the work of the user, since the Powergate 3 automatically checks if in the tool’s memory are stocked files compatible. If this is the case, the only job will be to rewrite and possibly remap the file.

The software for your Powergate3. Easy to use, always updated.

Technical Specification

  • Look – Refined design, well-finished and captivating.
  • Size – Smaller and ever more handy, because functional and compact. The size of the new PWG3 has been significantly reduced and its weight does not exceed 140g.
  • Display – Larger Touch screen, with high resolution and brighter colors.
  • Memory – Massive increase in RAM, from 8 MB to 256 MB, with a consequent increase in computing power of the main processor, now 32-bit. Powergate 3 can store, in addition to the original file, many different mappings: in this way, the user always has the option to choose the most suitable map to program the ECU.
  • Safety – It is a safe tool, because it checks whether it is possible to complete the job before starting it: in the event of anomalies, it does not start the procedure.

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Supported Vehicles

  • The world of Chiptuning refers not only to cars or bikes, any engine can be improved: for this reason, we have introduced protocols of communications also for commercial and agricultural vehicles.

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