If you’ve seen Guy Ritchie’s recent smash hit, “The Gentlemen”, featuring a stellar cast that includes Matthew CcConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell, Michelle Dockery, and Hugh Grant (sporting a quite astonishing Estuary accent that seems entirely alien coming from his mouth) you’ll know that sections of the film are set in a London tuning garage.

The set was constructed from the ground up and is a remarkable representation of the sort of business it purports to be. The reason it looks so realistic is thanks to the consultants used on the project… one of whom was Quantum Tuning.

We supplied the dyno, cars, much of the signage, and advised the crew on how some of the workings of a tuning centre would look and operate. We even went to the extent of creating a whole brand to be used on some of the props: Deluxe Fine Tuning.


Armed with ultra-realistic point-of-sale and equipment that would have graced any working establishment, Quantum staff were also there on set to help out when necessary: although it was soon discovered that taking a Ferrari on and off the dyno was far too time consuming for the movie’s producers, who broke into a sweat when half an hour was lost right in the middle of the filming schedule. Consequently, it stayed right where it was for the remainder of the shoot.


Dave Guildford, Quantum MD, says of the experience: “It was a lot of work, without any guarantee of the outcome or even if the movie was going to be any good, but it was great fun. It’s amazing, seeing how these things get put together. I was astonished when they told me that they were building the set from scratch rather than using something pre-existing; I guess that’s just how they do this kind of thing.”

“The Gentlemen” is still in the top ten of current movies and playing in cinemas across the UK – so get yourself down to your local multiplex and see where you can spot the Quantum influence.