Alientech Kteg And Alientech Tuning In Uk

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Universal ECU Interface

Alientech K TAG is used to read and write the ECU while on the bench: Each of the microprocessor, EEPROM, and flash memory can be accessed by connecting the tool to the ECU board.

K-TAG Master


  • A powerful interface. Flexible and easy to adapt to your needs
  • Compatible with most vehicles and available for the 8, 16, and 32 bit microprocessors
  • Automatic updating of our online manuals which offer a step-by-step picture tutorial for connecting to the ECU
  • Full Backup and Restore option
  • Reading and writing of the individual Processor, EEPROM, and flash memory components
  • Removal of the write-protection to allow for flashing via OBD

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Accessories K-TAG – Great news!



Finally, you’ll have at your disposition EVERYTHING you need to work on Denso Toyota-Lexus ECUs: a complete kit to do your job in security and in a precise, fast and efficient way.

Download the updated manuals from K-suite: you’ll find all the info for the correct use of our tools. Go to the Accessories area and discover now the new section: NBD NEC. All that you want is there!

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