Less than a month after the last update, we’re introducing today the release 2.38. An update with many innovations regarding both KESSv2 and K-TAG with 26 new protocols for Car, Bike, Tractor and Truck.

As of today, just with Alientech Official tools, you’ll be able to meet all the markets needs working on many Vehicles. Just some examples: you’ll work on the latest Giulia and Stelvio, on the last generation Ford Transit, on the newest Porsche, and many others.

Regarding K-TAG, many new protocols for the microcontrollers Bootloader Mitsubishi MH72xx/MH8xxx, Bootloader Infineon Tricore, JTAG Freescale MPC5xxxx BAM / SPC, JTAG Renesas SH705x, BDM MPC5xx e NBD NEC 76F00xx Toyota.

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